Check out this review by Beyond the Barre!


Erin Brass,

Choreographer & Dance Instructor

"If I had my way, every dance parent would own this book! It's comprehensive and will get everyone on the same page."

Check out this book review by Beyond the Barre:

"Have you ever wished there was a "how-to" guide for beginner dance moms that would explain everything in detail, from recitals, to competitions, to every-day classes? Beth Houben has written this amazing guide for parents called Bitten by the Dance Bug, and I am blown away by the amount of content packed inside this book!"  Click on the image for a detailed review:

Sarah Sentongo,

Competitive Dance Mom

Bitten by the Dance Bug

is essential for all dance families. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in dance for years, this book can help you!  I LOVE THIS BOOK!”

Chelsea Carr,

Competitive Dance Mom

“I LOVE Bitten by the Dance Bug. The mother of a 9-year old dancer, I wasn’t sure what to expect as we went

into competition season. Not only is this book educational, but it is thoughtful. It is a guide for ANY dance parent (recreational or competition) to help you understand what you’re getting into! From cost and clothing, to help finding the right studio fit, this book covers it all. THANK YOU FOR WRITING A BOOK THAT FILLS A NEED!”

Deborah M. Spencer, Recreational Program Director, Choreographer, and Instructor

“There’s so much to the world of recreational and competitive dance, more than meets the eye. Bitten by the Dance Bug is packed full of valuable, insightful information that can help dance parents make decisions and plan their time, energy, and finances. With an increased level of understanding, families will have more time to enjoy their journey!”

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